107.7 The Bronc plays the biggest hits and best variety. Our student DJs have the freedom to choose their own music and program their own shows. No playlists, no charts – it’s true free form radio.

Our DJs play everything including hip-hop, country, pop, rock, Caribbean, and so much more! Our music library consists of thousands of titles, which are all stored in the state of the art wide automation system cloud on google drive. When our student DJs aren’t spinning tunes, our student program director plays everything from the ’70s to right now twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

For all those sports fans out there, we broadcast not only Rider sports but local high school sports so you can keep up with your favorite teams.  With Rider sports, you can hear coverage of Rider men’s basketball and women’s basketball. Local high school sports we broadcast include Rancocas Valley Regional and the Lawrenceville Cardinals football. More information can be found under our Sports tab.

During the weekdays, 107.7 The Bronc garnishes your lunch with the #GetForky Bronc Lunch Box. From Noon to 1 p.m., 107.7 The Bronc features a different meal of music every weekday. These include Artisinal Acoustics on Monday, Concert Cravings on Tuesday, Cocktail Covers on Wednesday, Thin Crust Throwbacks on Thursday, and Homemade Hits on Friday.

There aren’t just themes on days, The Bronc has take over weekends and summers such as 80’s weekend, black music weekends; where we play all the hits all weekend long; Caribbean Summer and Hall of fame summer where you hear two hits every hour all summer long.

But, that’s not all, there is so much student opportunity, from being a producer to having your very own talk show! All weekend we have student produced talk shows with professionals and don’t worry, if you missed an episode, throughout the week you can check it out for the weekend rewind or on any podcast app.

To find all the ways you can listen to 107.7 The Bronc and 107.7 The Bronc Retro, check out our listen live page.