Alumni in Action:  Danielle Tyson ’23

Alumni in Action:  Danielle Tyson '23

What Did You Do At 107.7?

“I was the website director and the host of The BroncBoxScore. I also produced MasterYour Finances with host Kurt Baker. ”

Defining Moment Of How You Got Involved 

“I was in one of John’s classes, and one day he was like “I have an opportunity for you” and I was like “Okay,” and then I started producing for Kurt. I started making some commercials and then made it to exec staff and just kept getting more involved with my show and everything. ”

Danielle Tyson'23

“There’s no turning back once you get involved at The Bronc.” 

 Danielle Tyson’23

Major: Broadcast Journalism
Minor: Business

What Do You Do Now? 

“Currently, I am the executive assistant at Mystic Art Pictures. I got this job literally the Monday after graduation. I’m kind of living the beginning of my dream because I’m working in reality TV, which is part of what I want to do. The company casts for reality shows on huge networks like FOX and ABC.”

 What Kind Of Internships / Experiences Did You Have During Your Time At Rider

“I didn’t have any time for internships [between] being on the Division 1 field hockey team, running the student athletic advisory committee as Vice President, and just being involved in so many other random things like Meals on Wheels.

Second-semester senior year when I came to LA, I had two internships here, one [of which was] with Vocal Podcast Network, where I ran their social media and actually got to produce a show one time. I was also an assistant to an independent director and still ran the Broncs website from LA while doing all of this.”

Biggest Takeaway

“To do your best in everything you do. Put yourself out there! Being involved is fun, and John is going to be your college dad. I really struggled in my athletic career, and John was there through it all always supporting me. The family you gain at 107.7 The Bronc is like no other. You get to share beautiful relationships with your coworkers and nothing feels forced. It’s such an organic place to make friendships and it’s full of opportunities. There is always room for growth at 107.7 The Bronc.”