Alumni in Action: Matt Burrill ’17

Alumni in Action: Matt Burrill '17

What Did You Do At 107.7?

“I started in the fall of 2013. I was helping out with a sports show because that’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to be on ESPN and work on the sports side of things. I’ve always had a big love for country music and got involved in the sounds radio show called Redneck Radio, and I helped grow that a lot. I also had a weekly show on Fridays and I then joined the exec staff my sophomore year, where I was thePromotions Director. I was there when Top Chef started, Dessert Wars, I was one of the first students to be a part of the Car Giveaway, Scream Screen, and Egg Hunt. All these big events that have become staples of The Bronc that John Mozes had thought of at the time, I was a part of the group that executed that stuff and got it going at the time.” 

Defining Moment Of How You Got Involved 

“I remember going in for the intro meeting, which 107.7 does at the beginning of every school year. All these kids walk in, and this was back when the station was in the BLC, and I remember sitting there and seeing RedneckRadio on the board and thinking what is that?Then I got linked up with Sam Morrison, and I started co-hosting the show. It became my passion for building up a playlist. That’s how I got really involved. I got really close to John Mozes; we definitely butted heads quite a bit, but most of it was when I was still drinking. I just celebrated seven years sober and John Mozes was a big reason why. He was my father figure when I was at The Bronc.”

Matt Burrill '17

“It was my life— I got involved in The Bronc my freshman year and that was basically my club, my social life. The people I graduated with and those who came before and after me are my family.” 

Matt Burrill ’17

Major: Digital Media
Minor: Public Relations

What Do You Do Now? 

“I’m a podcast host of Outside The Round focusing on songwriters and up-and-coming musicians. I’m also the co-owner of Raised Roudy with Nick Tressler, which is a country music lifestyle brand and media company that started in Pittsburgh. We had always talked about teaming up, and an opportunity came up to buy his partner’s share of the company, so I did that. We have an entertainment website that has a blog on it, we do all of our lifestyle brand stuff there too, as well asa network of four podcasts currently. I helped produce two of them, I hosted one and co-hosted the fourth one. We still host live events—eight to ten events a month here in Nashville! I am now on the music business side of things but still get to be the personality to grow our brand.”

Biggest Takeaway

“You got to work hard. Sometimes it’s not easy, but when it all comes together it’s all worth it. Just to work hard, John taught me a lot, and I use the skills he taught me pretty much every day.”