Alumni in Action: Janine Loutzenhiser ’16

Alumni in Action: Janine Loutzenhiser '16

By: Emily O’Connor

Janine Loutzenhiser '16

What Did You Do At 107.7?

“I was a producer for the radio show called Inside Your Mind. I also learned production and would cover for people who couldn’t do their shows. I was on air for most of my time at 107.7. I also set up some sports stuff-I was the public address announcer for softball and volleyball.”

Defining Moment Of How You Got Involved

“I came to Rider on a women’s basketball scholarship, but when I chose Rider I also knew I always wanted to be on the radio. When I found out The Bronc had a really good program, the first thing I did was walk in, and at that time I met with Brian Kelly, who then introduced me to John Mozes. That was pretty much it. I was there every day!”

“I always loved the radio aspect – I never felt like anything was a job.”

Janine Loutzenhiser ’16
Major: Radio and TV
Students sit at table with radio equipment during event

What Do You Do Now?

“About two years ago I got my dream job, and I am currently an on-air personality for a radio station in the Reno Media Group in the state of Nevada. I am on a morning show, I have my own afternoon show, I have an evening show, and a weekend show. Which play on the stations 96.5 Alice, Ten Country 97.3, and Sunny 106.9! So when I say I roll hard for The Bronc, I roll hard for The Bronc-I mean I have a tattoo-I will always be The Bronc.”

Tattoo of a microphone and the word "Reach"

Biggest Takeaway

“The family career drive atmosphere; everyone is always checking in on each other. It’s the family that cares about your life because they were there and watched you, so that was the biggest takeaway, besides the people who believed in you to get you to your career. A lot of what The Bronc does, which I don’t think a lot of people realize until you’re in the field later on, is that everything that John Mozes is teaching you now you’re really gonna use, and it’s a really big asset.”