Alumni in Action: Stu Kovacs ’14

Alumni in Action: Stu Kovacs '14

By: Emily O’Connor

Stu Kovaks '13

What Did You Do At 107.7?

“I began early on in my freshman year hosting a sports show. I knew I wanted to do something in sports radio, so I started a show and did that all the way through. Other than that, I started producing one of the weekend shows, Your Career’s Calling. Then I was sports director for a year and a half, and I helped out with promotions and all that good stuff.”

Defining Moment Of How You Got Involved

“Basically when I got to Rider, I knew I wanted to do sports media, so I looked into writing for the newspaper and the TV studio and they were great. They were like you can start a show now, you don’t have to wait. We’ll train you on running the board and ensure you have something to go over the air. I remember going there my first week and John telling us. This encouraged me to sign up.”

“John Mozes-I remember him always pushing me to do more and to get better at something.”

Stu Kovaks ’13
Major: Communication
Track: Digital Film/Tv/Radio
Minor: Business of Sports
Stu Kovacs and John Mozes

What Do You Do Now?

“Now I work for CBS Sports Radio in New York, a national sports talk 24/7 network, where I work on two shows, which are The Jim Rome Show and Maggie and Perloff. So basically day to day I help out with show planning, technical aspects of the shows, running the board for the shows, playing music, and finding audio clips. We also do a video stream, so I also operate and edit that for Maggie and Perloff. It’s a little bit of everything! I have been at CBS Sports Radio since I graduated from college.”

Biggest Take Away

“The thing that makes The Bronc special is I know people that went to bigger schools with bigger communications departments that are more known, but The Bronc has so many opportunities, and it’s right away. John Mozes treats it like a commercial radio station, so when you go out into the real world, and you look for a job-107.7 is run so well that you’re not shocked when you leave and go to a new job. It teaches you the real world while you’re at Rider.”