Social Media Inside Look

Social Media Inside Look

By: Emily O’Connor

Social media is taking the world by storm; with over 120 different social media platforms, it is becoming nearly impossible to not market without social media. Every company is turning to social media to help grow their brand. 107.7 The Bronc is no different-with over 2,000 followers across several platforms, 107.7 is in the social media game. I got the pleasure of getting the inside edition of 107.7 The Bronc’s social media from our social media director, Heather Batezel. Heather has been the social media director since March 2022. Heather posts daily on our social media accounts, ranging from lnstagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and newly introduced Threads.


Once given a list of sponsors, and events to promote, I look at recent trends on TikTok and any CapCut trends as well and see how we can promote our event while still participating in a trend early and gaining that traction from our audience. Also, I must add that in today’s social media age, people love to see what people are up to! So behind-the-scenes content and funny content really get viewers’ attention effectively.


While working at the radio station I learned how to work with Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro. These Adobe products are professional grade, and knowing how to create the best quality image and audio is essential to making our content appealing and professional. On top of these apps, I use Canva Pro for creating graphics and for our content planning/calendar. For video editing, I use CapCut, as well as iMovie.

Screenshot of Instagram reel of The Bronc staff celebrating

Favorite Post

Heather’s favorite post is our Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Media Awards recap reel! Where you can see our hardworking team’s reactions to us winning Best College Radio Station In The Nation!


Strategies I use for our social media include having a content calendar, posting daily, and making sure to use video in any way possible. Promoting our sponsors in video format has been amazing, and we loved visiting our sponsors so far and truly giving an inside look into why you should visit our various sponsors. I also use myself as an example to see how I take in content and things I find interesting and funny, as I can most likely relate it to our college-targeted audience with certain content trends.


A piece of advice I would give someone when it comes to social media is to look at your insights, understand what your audience’s needs are, and determine how you can meet those needs in the best way possible, whether that be by posting at a different time or posting more frequently.

Biggest Take-Away!

An important thing I have learned is definitely how to market an event or sponsor in a specific way to reach our targeted audience and listeners. It is important to have passion for what you do and always work to improve yourself and your skill sets.