Senior Intern Spotlight: Heather Batezel

Senior Intern Spotlight: Heather Batezel

By: Emily O’Connor

Rider senior AEIM major Heather Batezel, social media director, anchor of The Bronc Buzz on 107.7 The Bronc Retro, and host of the radio show and podcast “Grow Up Blondie” on 107.7 The Bronc reflects on her senior internship at Warner Music Group in NYC. She goes in-depth about what she learned from the experience and what she plans to do next!

If You Could Describe Your Internship In One Word, What Would It Be?

“Passionate, I’d say, because everything is so collaborative. Making sure things are done promptly, all the team is on the same page, and that communication is very important in the workforce itself.”

What Did You Do At Your Internship?

“I was under the Business and Development Department at Warner’s Interval Percents Podcasting Network. I was there for podcasting production and operations. Essentially, I helped with content management, operation support-so updating metadata and analytic databases-and also assisting and connecting with podcasting partners, getting those final creative assets, and acting as the team’s post-production coordinator-making sure everything is in, everything is correct, everything is QC’ed for all the file deliverables, and it’s ready to be distributed to the various streaming platforms. I also assisted with dynamic ad insertion. On a podcast, there has to be various ads placed, and that’s how revenue is generated through podcasting. I was also in charge of content management. So, I managed and made assets for the podcast They would have the audio, and then we would create a background screen with the show’s logo.”

Heather Batezel '24

“When speaking with other interns, I feel ready for going into the media world … and that’s all because of The Bronc.”

Heather Batezel ’24

How Did The Bronc Prepare You For Your Internship?

“Everything we do at The Bronc. We work as a team, and you can really see in an environment like that that everyone needs to do their part and also help each other to make sure a product is put out in the best way possible. I think even just the resources we have at The Bronc-we take full advantage of them. The skill sets I learned at The Bronc-professionally, creatively-helped me to feel more confident in my creative abilities, more confident in myself, and being able to discover my individual approach to media, and where I find myself making creative choices.”

What Are You Going To Try To Take From Your Internship And Apply At 107. 7?

“I’ve really come to appreciate how productions are run from start to finish, the time that goes into creating something, and understanding your overall audience rather than just looking at them as a number at the end of the day. With The Bronc, I’m just very excited to get back on the creative scene, but at the same time, Warner was also very creative, which is something I value. That’s something I value at The Bronc as well as this past internship.”