Behind The 107.7 The Bronc General Store

Behind The 107.7 The Bronc General Store

In September, 107.7 The Bronc launched our first and only merchandise line, complete with hats, sweatshirts, long-sleeve shirts, and much more! Let’s get a better understanding from General Manager John Mozes, as well as Jim D’Ovidio, the owner of Brown Dog Marketing, about how our merch was created and why it is such high quality.

The Idea Behind The Store

“I wanted to create merchandise as soon as I arrived at Rider. There were a lot of things that the radio station lacked when I came to Rider, and there were a lot of other things we had to accomplish first, but as my students can tell you, I’m very big on station identity. I think that’s very important for a college radio station even more so. So I always wanted to brand and market the radio station, not just through events, contests and on-air; I wanted to do it through merchandise as well.” – John Mozes

Bringing In Brown Dog Marketing:

“Brown Dog and The Bronc started communicating about a merchandise website and something that really would have an impact this past summer. Jim and I sat down for lunch one day just to catch up. Kind of like, ‘What do you want to do, John?’ And I said, ‘I really want to have a merchandise site.’ That was probably in May or June, and by the end of August, we had it up and running.” – John Mozes

The Bronc logo is placed on a piece of clothing

What Is Brown Dog Marketing:

With 23 years of experience in the marketing promotion business, creating promotional products and corporate gifts, Brown Dog Marketing uses only the best products to create our exclusive merchandise! They use a quick and easy method that creates quality products and ensures the logo and longevity of your clothing stay looking fresh!

What Our Student GM Says About Our Merch

“I think all of our merch is surprisingly good-and I say surprisingly, because I think sometimes when you deal with, especially the online companies, their stuff is kind of cheap, flimsy, washed it a couple of times and getting holes in it. I feel like Brown Dog really put us in a position to succeed with the merch. I think it represents the product that we’re selling, the gear and the clothing is top notch like the product that we’re putting on the air, and I think a lot of care was put into that.”

Students pose with The Bronc sweatshirts on

Social Media

Join us WRRC Wednesdays, where we highlight a new product every week! If you post yourself wearing our merchandise we will repost you on our lnstagram story. Do you want to see exactly how your 107.7 gear is made? Watch our IG Reel and TikTok!

New Merch?

“No, there’s nothing currently on the horizon. I think we’ll try to do something-certainly, any time we’re up for an award. Maybe in the spring, we’ll try to create something for St. Patrick’s Day or something like that. For right now, I think it’s just about getting the site off the ground and people to buy. And, it appears that it’s starting to work!” – John Mozes