Five Things You Didn’t Know About Radio

Five Things You Didn't Know About Radio

1. Student-run Station

Group photo of 107.7 The Bronc staff

Over 75 Rider students work at 107.7 The Bronc, coming from all different majors, minors, and graduation years. Students have the opportunity to join107.7 from day one! Students produce, write, program, and edit their own shows, podcasts, and underwritten announcements.

2. The Grind Doesn’t Stop

107.7 The Bronc operates 24/7 365 days a year! Yes, that includes winter break and summer. Students will still come into the studio if they live close to Rider’s campus to produce their shows, or they will work from home. 107.7 must operate during the entire year to meet its continuous deadlines. With this comes the valuable lessons that many of the students who work at 107.7 continuously talk about. They appreciate this time in the studio to hone their skills and learn new areas of our award-winning station.

3. Wattage

107.7 The Bronc operates on a 20-watt system-meaning that we can reach a 5-mile radius. Fun fact: the actual amount of wattage doesn’t matter, the height of the tower matters. 107.7 The Bronc’s tower is on the highest building on campus, the Bart Luedeke Center.

4. Award-winning Station

Radio station students pose with awards they have won.

107.7 The Bronc has been nominated for the best college radio station in the nation four times and won once! The Bronc has also been nominated for the third year in a row for the NAB Marconi Award College Radio Station of the Year! 107.7 The Bronc recently won best College radio station in New Jersey from the New Jersey Broadcasting Association and won The Best Sports Update for The Overtime two years in a row.

Radio station students and graduates pose with car

5. We Rock Rider’s Campus

107.7 The Bronc’s callsign is WRRC. The original students who started 107.7 The Bronc created the acronym WRRC, standing for We Rock Rider’s Campus. It is not known for this, but it is an inside joke among the radio staff.