We’re Back On Air And Live In The Studio!

We're Back On Air And Live In The Studio!

We’ve welcomed our 107 7 The Bronc family back on campus this past week, and the studio has been busier than ever! We got to sit in on some student shows to see how our radio Broncs are feeling about being back in the studio.

Evan Frisch

“I actually feel great about it I really enjoy being back, seeing old and new faces and not just on a screen, so I’m glad to be back!”

Evan Frisch, Producer of Mental Fitness

“It feels like a fresh start actually, I feel like being back in studio, with new ideas and a new cast makes “Wake Up Rider” a lot more refreshed and a lot more fun, and, you know the crew really looks forward to coming in every day and having a good chat, like having a good show.”

Nick Witkowski, Host of Wake Up Rider

Nick Witkowski with other radio hosts in new studio
Owen McCarron

“Oh my god, I love it I mean this is basically my home away from home. I mean, I know your university is supposed to be home away from home, but realistically I’m always in the studio. It feels so good to be back with new co-hosts and Nick Wit We’re having a great time, getting a lot of energy!”

Owen Mccarron, Host of Wake Up Rider

“I feel really great! Bronc Rock is only getting bigger and better. I am starting to get in contact with local artists, who have a hundred to thousands to millions of streams to come on Bronc Rock, so that’s cool.”

Jack Jock, Host of Bronc Rock

Jack Jock
Jake Serrano talking into radio mic

“Yeah, I feel really great to be back in the studio. I’ve been here all summer, really, getting work done and now just being back at school, it’s fun seeing everybody come back. It feels pretty good, you know, we get it done! It always feels good to be back at The Bronc!”

Jake Serrano, Sports Director

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to be back in the studio. I just feel really good about this year; what we’re doing and what’s still to come at The Bronc!”

Rosalyn Tiangco, Host of Viral Voices

Rosalyn Tiangco '26